What We Do


We have deployed small and large web solutions for clients across many industries and sectors. We leverage the cloud and mature web development tools and paradigms to ensure that we deliver on time and within the agreed budget for every project. Our team implements security best practices to ensure that our clients are protected from known vulnerablities and exploits.

Web Applications


We have extensive experience in delivering mobile applications for the most popular platforms (Android, IOS, UWP). Our team can implement your mobile first strategy using either the native tools or cross platform tools if required. Our mobile solutions have cut across banking, security, identity and education.

Mobile Applications


We are experienced in windows desktop development using either Windows Forms or WPF to create visually appealing applications and utilities. A typical desktop application may integrate external devices or tools and access low level operating system resources. We have deployed desktop solutions for a variety of clients targeting platforms as old as Windows XP and as new as Windows 10.

Desktop Applications


We have deployed biometric identity systems for small and large organizations spanning tens of thousands of subjects across multiple locations. Our team has implemented cross-device biometric solutions that can be deployed on both mobile devices and desktops for both location-based and field-based enrollment and verification.

Biometric Applications


We help clients with architecture, design and development of integration platform solutions to allow information sharing between partners, processes and systems. We provide consulting and advisory services to clients and partners to enable them make informed decisions regarding technology deployments across organizational boundaries.

Integration Services

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